CoCo Lyon.

After months of waiting, the CoCo restaurant in Lyon has finally opened its doors. Paris Society transfers its concept of an upscale French restaurant from Paris to the beautiful old train station Brotteaux in Lyon, and it is worth a visit. An investment of nearly 6 million euros has been made to create this unique place where the magic has been working since July 4.

After the success of CoCo Paris, located in the heart of the Opéra Garnier, the goal was to establish this concept in other prestigious cities such as Bordeaux, Marseille and, of course, Lyon. And what better opportunity than the emblematic Brotteaux train station to set up shop in the capital of gastronomy.

Inside this magical 900 m² place with 500 seats (200 seats inside and 300 on the terrace), a bar with 32 seats awaits guests, adorned with a stunning light artwork by Nacho Carbonell. The atmosphere is both elegant and relaxed, with a refined decoration penned by architect Corinne Sachot.

Precious materials, palm trees, shimmering velvet and dark mahogany-colored wood.... everything is there to put guests in a French atmosphere, full of charm and sophistication.

Speaking of precious things, architecturally this property was to be treated with gloves: Every change had to be carefully coordinated with the architect and the Office of Historic Preservation. The main focus was on making the sound system look as discreet as possible. Based on old building plans and photos, TW AUDiO was able to create a detailed, true-to-scale 3D model of the location. This was followed by the creation of an acoustic simulation in Ease. This created the possibility to show and calculate loudspeaker positions, acoustics and optics as well as costs to the customer in advance.

Unobtrusive appearance combined with impressive sound speaks the language of TW AUDiO: Twelve M10 are used for the interior, accompanied by fifteen B14i subwoofers cleverly placed in the furniture and hidden from view. Six C5 are additionally responsible for sound reinforcement in the arcades. Eight C5i are distributed in the outdoor area.

The installation was inspected by a public administration supervisor for sound pressure and noise impact. Christophe Orlando, technical manager of Colorsonic, was responsible for the installation of the sound system: "I am very satisfied with the implementation. Our customer and even the administrative officer were impressed by the installation. The final result is both acoustically and visually impressive."

As for the cuisine, CoCo offers classics of French cuisine in a new guise, focusing on authentic flavors "grandma's way." The menu includes tempting dishes such as vol-au-vent of snails and mushrooms, artichoke carpaccio with vinaigrette, roast chicken with homemade mashed potatoes, and creamy linguine with roasted blue lobster.

In the evening, the atmosphere gets fancier and more festive. Each day, musical entertainment with voice and instrument adds a touch of magic to your experience.
No traditional stage, but artists walking among the tables so everyone can enjoy undisturbed.


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  • Tras meses de espera, el restaurante CoCo de Lyon ha abierto por fin sus puertas. Paris Society traslada su concepto de restaurante francés de lujo de París a la hermosa y antigua estación de tren Brotteaux de Lyon, y merece la pena visitarlo. Se ha realizado una inversión de casi 6 millones de euros para crear este lugar único en el que la magia funciona desde el 4 de julio.


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