VERA20 meets every challenge in Denmark’s Kulturcenter Limfjorden

For more than five decades, the Kulturcenter Limfjorden has served as a cultural hub for the people of Denmark’s Skive municipality. First opened in 1967, the facility is the perfect example of an essential, regional multi-purpose venue; located in the historic town of Skive, it invites locals and tourists alike to enjoy a rich mixture of theatre, cinema, live music and more.

As is so often the case with venues who serve a broad variety of needs, when the Kulturcenter recently began the search for a replacement for its ageing sound reinforcement system, the top priority was finding a solution capable of meeting every challenge. The ideal choice was TWAUDiO VERA20.

"The Goal for Kulturcenter Limfjorden was simple – to find the right sound system to do 99% of the shows that come through our concert hall, without the need for renting any external equipment,” explains Anders Holm Hansen of AHX, the man charged with taking care of Kulturcenter Limfjorden’s technical requirements. “It had to satisfy all of the riders we see for both national and international shows."

He continues: "The concert hall in Skive is a standard black box venue. We have a capacity of 1,168 people when seated and 1,500 with a mixture of seated and standing. Like a lot of venues of this type, one of the biggest challenges was to achieve uniform, even coverage all the way up to the tribune while of course having minimal low-end spill onto the stage. We cater for all kinds of music, shows and people, and we didn’t want to compromise on quality – we wanted a system that would do it all and do it brilliantly... within budget!"

Hansen describes an intense period of searching for the best possible option within the venue’s price range. "We really wanted to find a PA that would leave a smile on the face of every technical guest who visits us,” he says.

The answer presented itself when he recalled a previous project.

"In 2017 I participated in another project where we tested four different sound reinforcement brands for a smaller, 550-capacity venue in Skive. In that project, there was no limit on the budget – they simply wanted the best and ultimately that proved to be a small, five box TWAUDiO VERA20 system. Since we completed that installation three years ago, I have heard nothing but praise and positive feedback from the engineers who visit that venue. So I was confident about using TWAUDiO in Kulturcenter Limfjorden. I was also more than a little curious about how a bigger VERA20 system would perform."

The resulting system was installed by AHX in collaboration with Danish AV specialist BSA Sound. Front of house is served by L-R hangs comprising 10 per-side VERA20 elements with 80-degree dispersion and two per-side VERA20 elements with 120-degree dispersion. Low-end extension is courtesy of six per-side S32 subwoofers while a single 60x40 T20 enclosure is flown above the stage as a centre fill. A further six compact C5 enclosures line the lip of the stage to provide discreet near-fills.

Power for the main system is delivered by six Lab.gruppen PLM20k44 amps, while the fills are driven by a single PLM12k44. An LM44 facilitates system control and a Dante network.

"In my opinion, TWAUDiO loudspeakers are some of the best you can get in terms of sound to price ratio," continues Hansen. "For Kulturcenter Limfjorden we needed a compact box with high SPL and very high audio quality plus the ability to handle some big angles between the boxes to gain the right coverage.

"We enjoyed a great cooperation with BSA Sound to help us specify the system and after a short demo period it was clear it was the solution we had been looking for, right down to the speed with which TWAUDiO helped us to complete the project."

He concludes: "Most importantly, they just sound really good."


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