T24N with SBT24 and HSF on a stand.


T24N with CoverT24 on the FDB30 dolly.


Flexible horntops

In an era when line arrays dominate, does it still make sense to use conventional horn-loaded tops? At TW AUDiO our response is a resounding yes.

No matter how prevalent line arrays become, some audio challenges will always be best met by the use of conventional horn tops. In particular, the TW AUDiO T-series has size and efficiency on its side to help you create optimal audio solutions up to a certain size both quickly and simply.

Adding to this flexibility is the ability to interchange and rotate our 60 × 40 and 90 × 50 degree mid-high range horn tops without the need for tools.

In addition, TW AUDiO offers an extensive range of accessories to support T-series users, serving every conceivable setup and installation variation you may require.

But don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself and discover how simple in use the T-series can be.

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