Coaxial speakers

The standout feature of our high performance, coaxial C-series is controlled, interference free dispersion across all axes. As true point source solutions, C-series wedges are ideal for all scenarios when artists require consistent on-stage audio coverage and control. They also distinguish themselves as a powerful option for fills and even a small, pole-mounted main PA.

Comprising three models, the C-series is characterised by vivid and direct sound, capable of cutting through the loudest of stage environments for a clear and musical performance with minimal tendency to feedback and ample headroom irrespective of music style.

As with all TWAUDiO solutions, C-series monitors are designed to work with ease and efficiency. Straight out of the box, your C-series monitor will operate on a single amplifier channel without the need for additional controllers or EQ. For more complex setups C-series enclosures are designed for discrete and simple integration into larger configurations. Their robust physical construction ensures they can withstand the rigours of daily use, bringing you the confidence that you can simply plug in, switch on and listen.

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