with Dynacord TGX10 and APL7-TGX

SYSRACK-TGX with Dynacord TGX10 and APL7-TGX


Now available for order: The all new SYSRACK-TGX.

The SYSRACK-TGX, specially developed by TW AUDiO, includes a Dynacord TGX10 power amplifier as well as the new LED illuminated APL7-TGX connection panel as standard, all combined in the new Rack4TGX.

TGX 4-channel live sound amplifiers from Dynacord are one of the most powerful on the market and represent the pinnacle of pro audio electronics engineering. Along with unprecedented power density, they offer Dynacord’s signature audio quality, advanced reliability and power efficiency.

Engineered and manufactured in Germany, TGX amplifiers are built as the ultimate amplification solution for large-scale live performance sound applications. They embody several proprietary amplifier technologies developed by Dynacord engineering, one of the most experienced R&D teams in the audio industry.

The APL7 connector panel provides all of the amplifier's connections at the front of the SYSRACK-TGX. The integrated and switchable LED strip ensures a clear overview of the panel even in difficult lighting conditions.

The panel layout follows the logical signal flow through the amplifier with a power, network, audio input and output section. The two network ports provide the ability to use the amplifier in a fully redundant network supporting the latest standards in audio-over-IP protocols with the OMNEO IP interface for Dante and AES70.

The panel features the TGX series' ability to buffer digital audio signals when multiple amplifiers are connected in parallel. The AES/EBU input signal is latency-free processed via an active circuit in the amplifier.
The output section follows the established TW AUDiO standard of output connectivity with high flexibility. NL4 and NL8 connectors allow easy integration of single-channel passive tops and sub speakers in smaller systems, and dual-channel tops and subwoofers in large sound reinforcement systems.

  • all amplifier connections on the front panel
  • direct link for all input signals at the panel
  • active processing of the digital AES/EBU signals
  • established TW AUDiO standard for the assignment of the power outputs for maximum flexibility in system cabling
  • Made in Germany
  • short delivery times
  • powerful 96 kHz FIR-Drive DSP for maximum flexibility in system configuration
  • integrated library of speaker presets delivers unparalleled audio quality
  • integrated network with proven Dante Audio and OCA/AES70 remote control
  • reliable amplifier performance even with fluctuations in mains voltage
  • Dynacord IPX series available for fixed installs

Presets for the TGX and IPX series are now available for download for all TWAUDiO systems.

Dynacord is a brand of Bosch Security Systems Inc..

SYSRACK-TGX with Dynacord TGX10 and APL7-TGX

Technical data


Scope of supply1× Rack4TGX
1× Dynacord TGX10
SYSRACK Dimensions (H × W × D)253 × 600 × 600 mm [9.96 × 23.62 × 23.62 in]
SYSRACK Weight34 kg [75 lbs]


MAINS IN1× Neutrik powerCON®-HC on the front panel
NETWORK PRIMARY / SECONDARYetherCON®/RJ45 for Dante™ Audio Network and controlling via direct connection to the power amplifier
AUDIO IN / LINK2× AES3 IN & LINK via XLR, boosted
4× Analog IN
AnalogMax. Input level: +24 dBu
Input impedance, active balanced: 20 kΩ
Reference level equal to digital input: +21 dBu for 0 dBFS
DigitalFormat: AES3 (AES/EBU)
Input Sample Rates 32 to 192 kHz, internal sample rate converter and signal conditioning
AUDIO OUT6× speakON® NL4
1× speakON® NL8

Dynacord TGX10

Number of amplifier channels4
Maximum output power4×1250 W @ 8 Ω
4×2500 W @ 4 Ω
4×3000 W @ 2,7 Ω
Maximum output voltage150 Vpeak
Maximum output current53 Apeak
Operating voltage100-240 V, 50-60 Hz alternating current (AC)
Power consumptionRated power consumption: 1200 W
Idle mode (no input signal): 80 W
Standby: <18 W
Frequency response
ref. to 1 kHZ, analog input to speaker output
20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 0.5 dB)
Preset memory1 factory setting + 20 user settings
Sampling rate48 kHz/96 kHz, OMNEO-/Dante™-synchronized
Filter structures17 filters per channel, realizable in multiple filter types
Other signal processing parametersGain and delay (0 to 2500 ms) per channel
Other functionsindividual source selection
Input redundancy possible through different signal sources, sine and noise generator, level meter, impedance measurement and load monitoring
Operation and controlCapacitive 3.5" color touch screen and rotary encoder
Network and SONICUE software



APL Manual EN (PDF - File)
20. December 2023 - Revision 2.3
TWAUDiO Dynacord Preset Manual EN (PDF - File)
20. December 2023 - Revision 2.5
SYSRACK-TGX manual EN (PDF - File)
25. October 2023 - Revision 2.0


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