Glastonbury 2024 – the festival legend. "It might just be the greatest SKINDRED show of all time."

11. July 2024/by Alexander Hoffmann

Club BÓTOXE The new landmark in Athens.

22. April 2024/by Alexander Hoffmann

Cologne Carnival with VERA36 in the Lanxess Arena

13. February 2024/by Alexander Hoffmann

CoCo Lyon. A delight for all the senses.

21. September 2023/by Alexander Hoffmann

Sonorous Transformation Liebfrauenkirche's journey to a contemporary concert venue

23. August 2023/by Alexander Hoffmann

THANK YOU Glastonbury! TWAUDiO inspires on the Avalon Stage

14. July 2023/by Alexander Hoffmann

Meet VERA at Glastonbury Festival on the Avalon Stage from 23 to 25 June

22. June 2023/by Alexander Hoffmann

VERA20i premiere in Canada

13. October 2022/by Marco Deinl

Somang Presbyterian Church a milestone with Ella

1. May 2022/by Marco Deinl

99 ELLA for the Euskal Gym 2021

7. February 2022/by Marco Deinl

“I couldn’t be happier” says Rev Feldmeir, St. Andrew about ELLA Installation

10. September 2021/by Marco Deinl

VERA20i finds a new home at Dom Chemika

23. August 2021/by Marco Deinl

TWAUDiO ELLA declared “outstanding” in first UK installation

24. March 2021/by Marco Deinl

ELLA transforms a San Sebastian landmark in first Spanish install

25. February 2021/by Alexander Hoffmann

ELLA receives praise in its first US church installation

8. February 2021/by Alexander Hoffmann

VERA20 meets every challenge in Denmark’s Kulturcenter Limfjorden

19. June 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

ELLA brings Good News to South Korean churches

26. May 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

T-Series making the game in New Rochelle, NY

16. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

The Brook improves the audience and artist experience with TWAUDiO

9. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

L’Opéra & Gaio | Two luxurious restaurants with integrated club

3. March 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

DJE invests in US expansion with VERA36

17. February 2020/by Alexander Hoffmann

Interview mit Event4-You über ihre Erfahrung mit VERA20

1. February 2020/by Marco Deinl

Welcome to St.Tropez TWAUDiO installed at Caves du Roy

11. December 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Dalí, Warhol…and now VERA20i at the Kunstpalast Düsseldorf

11. November 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Exclusive installations in Cannes at GOTHA and MEDUSA club

8. October 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Loud and Proud with the PA-SYS-ONE

5. August 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

California Festival Summer with VERA

31. July 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann

Catching the perfect (sound)wave at Wavehouse Dubai

1. July 2019/by Alexander Hoffmann
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