THANK YOU Glastonbury! TWAUDiO inspires on the Avalon Stage

Hundreds of thousands of people celebrated at Glastonbury 2023, about 200,000 in total. The festival lasted 5 days and offered the visitors numerous newcomers as well as big stars in the 31 different areas.

Like an island in the sea of Glastonbury, the Field of Avalon retains its unbroken connection to the earthly Eden. Once part of the Greenfields, it is one of the original areas still visited by a host of legendary musicians, artists and pilgrims. Festival travellers come here to rest their weary legs and recharge with a pint of ale, delicious food and some of the best and most diverse music programming on site. They expected days of eclectic music representing the best of the contemporary, roots and folk music worlds; a balanced line-up and intimate, memorable Glastonbury moments.

Acoustically, then, the Avalon Stage is challenging not only because of the motley line-up, but also because of the peculiarity of its set-up as a semi-open circus tent. WaveCo Productions, based north of London and headed by Iain Rendle, supplied the TWAUDiO system needed for Glastonbury. Support came from TWAUDiO UK, represented by Greg Oliver. VERA36 was predestined to be used as the main system, and in combination with S33 and BSX, they worked well together to deliver balanced, high-resolution sound and precise, crisp bass. Due to the close proximity to other festival stages and for a more comfortable "working environment" for the artists, the S33s were operated in cardioid mode and the BSXs were also set up cardioid. C15 monitors were used, and a B18 drumfill.
The forecourt, which visually transmitted the events from the inside to the outside via an LED screen, also had to be covered with sound. This was taken care of by our classics - the T24N - which, with their long range, are ideally suited for this job. Power was delivered by FFA amps using NST processing.

All in all, the system once again lived up to the TWAUDiO claim "Simply your Sound" and the atmosphere was not only exuberant on stage and in the auditorium, but also at FOH, and the feedback from the sound engineers was consistently enthusiastic.

Picture/video sources, thanks to: Instagram @fieldofavalon @hwaffirmations @vintagetrouble @fannylumsden