VERA20i finds a new home at Dom Chemika

VERA20i finds a new home at Dom Chemika

Puławy Cultural Center, known locally as Dom Chemika, has been serving the cultural need of its local community in eastern Poland since 1984. A recent refurbishment has helped bring the cultural center up to modern standards and TWAUDiO has been at the heart of the renevations.

The idea of creating a cultural centre in Puławy was born in the 1960s as a place for entertaining workers from the local chemical plant. This led to the name of Dom Chemika (Chemist’s House) when it opened its doors in the 1980s. The facility focuses primarily on artistic education while supporting and promoting local talents. In addition to this, it hosts theatrical performances as well as concerts and film screenings.

The renovation project means Dom Chemika now boasts a 520-seat main auditorium, a 98-seat chamber hall, a music club named Smok and many smaller practice rooms for music and dance groups. The modernization meant a full refresh of all the technical solutions in the venue. With its remit of serving the cultural needs of the local community the center decided to focus on modern and proven technological solutions for the stage.

Ostrowski sp. j. was responsible for the delivery, installation and commissioning of the new systems and decided TWAUDiO solutions would be the perfect choice throughout Dom Chemika. The first challenge was catering to the needs of the multifunctional main auditorium. It required a solution that would meet the needs of Polish and international technical riders, while also delivering even coverage across the whole auditorium.

To achieve this, M. Ostrowski sp. j. installed an 11 per side L-R VERA20i system with three per side flown S32 subwoofers in cardioid mode as the main system. This system is complemented with a pair of T20i speakers as infill and four C5s serving as frontfill. The main stage sound system is powered by Powersoft amplifiers using TWAUDiO presets. This comprises three X8-D and two X4-D, which are all managed from Armonia Plus.

The sound system for the smaller chamber hall sees a pair of M12i combined six M8i which are used for effects. A single B30i handles all of the low frequency reproduction while the system is once again managed from Armonia Plus and powered by a single X8-D.

In Smok, the M12i is once again the system of choice with a pair of the 12” tops forming the main system. A further two M8is are in use as a supplementary system to cover the sides of the hall while three B30i in cardioid arrangement deliver the low frequencies. Amplification is provided by an X8-D and an X4-D and managed from Armonia Plus.

Complementing the systems around the venue are monitors in the form of 12 C12 wedges and a drumfill consisting of M12 and B15 cabinets.

The whole system has been networked via Dante. Signals from the stages are fed to network switches in the three local technical rooms located close to each performance space. Amplifiers are connected to the same network switches which are connected together in a ring by optical fiber. Thanks to this solution, the distance between amplifiers and loudspeakers has been reduced and, in addition, signals can be easily exchanged between all of the stages.

Thanks to its new TWAUDiO solution, Dom Chemika can continue in its role of supporting the cultural needs of its local community for many years to come, safe in the knowledge that it has a state-of-the-art solution that will sound fantastic while meeting the needs of any technical rider.

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