Cologne Carnival with VERA36 in the Lanxess Arena

With a capacity of 20,000 people, the Lanxess Arena in the heart of Cologne is one of the largest and most modern multi-purpose halls in Europe and an important event venue. It stands for cultural diversity and hosts a variety of events that captivate audiences from near and far. From concerts with international superstars to sports competitions such as the European Handball Championships or German Ice Hockey League matches to TV entertainment shows and conferences, there is almost nothing that cannot take place here.

At the heart of the arena's audio infrastructure is the inconspicuous but powerful VERA36 loudspeaker system, which has virtually revolutionized speech intelligibility and musicality in the arena. Installed as part of a center sound reinforcement concept, the VERA36 system has seamlessly integrated into the Lanxess Arena to enhance audio quality and provide visitors with an unforgettable experience.

One such notable event where the system's capabilities come into play is the Cologne Carnival, a cherished tradition where the arena pulsates with music, laughter and joy. The VERA36 system's ability to faithfully reproduce the sound throughout the venue has transformed events such as the Cologne Carnival. The lyrics of the bands' songs, which the audience loves to sing along to, are now suddenly clearly understandable - right down to the last row.

From traditional cologne based bands such as the Höhner, Räuber or Bläck Fööss to performances by Cat Ballou and Kasalla, the bands play here at the carnival - up to 20 different acts play on one evening. Every note is played clearly and precisely, enriching the overall atmosphere and immersing the audience in the festivities.

Behind the unassuming façade of VERA36 lies a blend of innovative design and advanced technology. No fewer than six loudspeakers work in a housing that is just 70 cm wide and 31 cm high. The central element is the mid-range horn, driven by two 8" cone loudspeakers. In its center is the coaxial mid-high unit consisting of two 1.4" compression drivers and a highly developed waveformer. Supplementing the low-mid range are two 10" long excursion bass speakers. Below 400 Hz, all four cone speakers work in tandem to deliver vast reserves of low-mid punch. A central sub-array consisting of cardioid VERA S33 subwoofers facing each other provides a precisely directed, powerful low-end. T24Ns serve as fills.

With great attention to detail, the VERA36 system provides constant coverage and even sound distribution throughout the arena. This ensures that every seat, from the first to the last row, offers an optimal sound experience. What sets the VERA36 system apart is its adaptability and reliability. The design of the rigging, developed specifically for the arena, allows for easy configuration for a wide range of events with different sound requirements.

No other multi-purpose venue offers this flexibility, making the Lanxess Arena a reliable choice for venues where versatility is the key to exceptional performances and solutions. What's more, the VERA36 system's renowned touring longevity ensures that it can withstand the rigors of live events and deliver a consistent performance night after night. This reliability has earned VERA36 the trust of promoters and artists alike.