L’Opéra & Gaio | Two luxurious restaurants with integrated club

Located in the heart of St Tropez village, France, on the waterfront at the marina that is littered with luxury yachts, are the equally luxurious L’Opera restaurant and club, and GAIO - a restaurant cocktail bar and club.

Operated by entrepreneur, David Bremond, who also runs a number of restaurants and bars on the opposite side of the marina, has been familiar with Gerard Giraudon of Colorsonic - the man known as the audiovisual nightlife legend in these parts - for many years. The pair have worked together on multiple projects, and Gerard makes contact with David ahead of each new season in St Tropez, to make a proposal for upgrades, as is normal for entertainment outlets in the region. There is a constant demand for renovations, so that when the restaurant, bar or club is reopened for the new season, visitors will be treated to an exclusive new experience.

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