The M10i is an acoustic powerhouse that combines the compact and stylish cabinet design of the M8i with the impressive performance of the M12i, making it tailor-made for performance installations in small spaces.

The M10i inherits the powerful 1.4" mid-high driver from the M12i, which enables a low crossover frequency and thus delivers outstanding speech intelligibility and directness in the sound image - a feature that is not a matter of course in this class.
With its 10" chassis, which allows a particularly large linear excursion thanks to an extended voice coil, the M10i, like its well-known sister M10 from the touring range, masters even the most demanding low-mid tasks with flying colors.

Its versatility is demonstrated in its function as a full-range speaker or as a top unit when combined with the powerful B30i or B17i subwoofers, for example.

The installation of the M10i can be customized using the i-series screw terminals supplied and optional speakON™ connection options. In addition, there are a variety of mounting options such as the recessed 6× M6 and 4× M10 threads, which ensure flexible mounting, whether on walls, with swivel or cross brackets, similar to the M8i and M12i.

In addition, the M10i is equipped with specific presets for DSP amplifiers (DYNACORD TGX/IPX, Powersoft, Lab.Gruppen PLM+), which exploit the full performance potential and also enable optimum tuning with TWAUDiO subwoofers.

The M10i defines the balance between compactness and acoustic performance and is recommended as a versatile, powerful-sounding and adaptable tool wherever size and performance need to be brought into balance.


M10i The installation version of the M10.

Technical data

BestückungLF: 1 × 10"
HF: 1 × 1.4" exit with 3" diaphragm
Frequenzgang66 – 19000 Hz
Belastbarkeit Programm / Peak600 / 1200 W
Impedanz8 Ω
Abstrahlwinkel (h × v)75° × 50° HF-horn, rotatable
Kennschalldruck 1 W / 1 m97 dB
SPLmax / 1 m127 dB
Anschlussscrew terminal IN± | LINK±
Optionale AnschlüssespeakON™-option SO-top
cable gland CG
Maße (H × B × T)500 × 300 × 280 mm [19.69 × 11.81 × 11.02 in]
Gewicht15 kg [33 lbs]
OberflächeWarnex texture paint
ZubehörSBM10i, QBM10i, RSM6, RSM10, WHK
OptionenRAL colors, polyurea coating (black)



M10i manual EN (PDF - File)
15. April 2024 - Revision 1.0


M10i PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
21. May 2024 - Revision 1
M10i DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
21. May 2024 - Revision 1

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