DYNACORD and TWAUDiO launch cooperation TGX and IPX amplifiers as a new system platform

TWAUDiO's mission has always been to provide our users with maximum flexibility, swift service, and the highest level of performance, both in our speaker systems and recommended amplifiers.

There is news on this:

The DYNACORD TGX and IPX amplifier series have been developed from the ground up, offering innovative technologies, powerful sound, and numerous outstanding performance features - all with the "Made in Germany" seal of quality.

Following in-house testing routines and field trials, the TGX/IPX amplifiers received top marks in all aspects. These results have led to a closer collaboration with Dynacord in system integration with TWAUDiO speakers.

What our users can expect:

  • Exceptional Sound Quality: With unmatched power density of up to 20,000 watts from a single amplifier (TGX20, all 4 channels in operation) and advanced DSP capabilities of Dynacord IPX and TGX amplifiers, the full potential of TW AUDiO loudspeakers is realized, providing an unparalleled audio experience.
  • System Integration: A new TWAUDiO SYSRACK-TGX with APL7 connection panel and corresponding 4U rack have been developed. Equipped with a TGX10, this standard system rack can operate all TWAUDiO speakers.
  • Presets: Presets for all TWAUDiO systems in combination with the Dynacord TGX and IPX amplifier series are now available for download with the Dynacord SONICUE software and will be continuously updated.
  • Service: The proximity and close collaboration with Dynacord enable us to provide our users with fast and efficient support.
  • A TOURACK with DANTE switch and connection panel, equipped with three TGX10 amplifiers, is in the planning.
  • The IPX series covers the high-quality installation sector.

DYNACORD now replaces the LAB.Gruppen system platform. Preset creation and updates for LAB.Gruppen amplifiers of the PLM and PLM+ series will continue to be provided. TW AUDiO racks and connection panels for LAB.Gruppen amplifiers are still available. We no longer offer service and sales for LAB.Gruppen products.

For further information on the DYNACORD TGX and IPX amplifier series, the TW AUDiO team can be reached at support@twaudio.de or vertrieb@twaudio.de.

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