Smaart v9 Seminar Belgium 21.-22.03.2023

TWAUDiO has been hosting Smaart seminars with Michael Häck since 2012. We also receive requests from other countries again and again, which is why the seminar has been held for example in Spain and Dubai.

Our next "Smaart stop" is already in March in Belgium: at EURO P.A. in Deinze

The Seminar:

21.03.2023 - 22.03.2023 |  EURO P.A.
Ommegangstraat 35 |  9800 Deinze, Belgium

Our host is our long-time distributor and friend Peter Vanhove from EURO P.A. The seminar will take place at his location.

Smaart is one of the most widely used and best software tools on the market for perfectly adapting a complex loudspeaker system - be it line array, point source or combinations of both - to an acoustic environment.

The adaptation of different sound sources to each other (flown tops, sub- and infra basses, front fills, etc.) is very easy and the acoustic result is a comprehensible and real gain in sound quality for everyone. Sound does not become a random product, but a controllable event.

Our experience: The visitors of the last seminars were motivated after the seminars and could hardly wait to use their new knowledge "live".

Of course, there are again the special bundle prices consisting of seminar and software licence (one licence can be installed on two different computers!). Meanwhile Rational Acoustics offers different editions of Smaart.

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Please send any questions directly by e-mail to Michael Häck at rational acoustics.

Further questions or recommendations regarding hotel, please write to Peter:


The seminar leader Michael Häck is a man of practice. He has tuned countless systems for large productions and knows how to convey this wealth of experience to the participants in a comprehensible way. In addition to many projects in television/industry and numerous concerts in the field of big band, pop, jazz and classical music, Michael Häck has been responsible for the sound technology at countless events in the Lanxess Arena in Cologne for 20 years.


The Smaart v9 seminar is aimed at beginners in measurement technology as well as experienced system technicians. The participant will be explained the different measurement types of Smaart v9 and how they are used together in a practical way.


The correct interpretation and its meaning for the "sound practice" of the displayed measurement curves are clearly in focus here. The measured results are explained and discussed in detail. While the first day is devoted to the basics of measurement technology and an introduction to the Smaart v9 software, the second day of the seminar is devoted to putting this knowledge into practice with practical exercises and examples. After these two seminar days, the participant can count on extensive knowledge that he can then use for his events in practice with certainty to "increase sound".