Asia Tour Part 1 | Seoul

This was the third time that TWAUDiO has exhibited in Korea, which means that we and our distributor JUSHIN have become a well-established trade fair team.

The speaker sound demonstration does not take place in the open air at this fair, but in one of the large exhibition halls. Systems have to prove that they are up to the task of delivering excellent sound in this environment too. It’s precisely in the installation market that TWAUDiO has become firmly established in Korea.

Two systems were on offer for discerning listeners: firstly a PA-SYS-ONE on each side with a total of 4x T24 tops with 8x B30 subwoofers, and, for the second configuration, 24x VERA10 and 20x B30, two impressive set-ups.

As in previous years, we were again warmly welcomed by the Korean pro audio community, so now we are eagerly looking forward to our next meeting at the KOBA Show in Seoul from 29 May to 1 June 2012.