Asia Tour Part 2 | Jakarta

With summery temperatures around 30°C, visitors were able to make a direct comparison between systems from eight different manufacturers until late into the night in the Concert Sound Arena outside the main exhibition hall.

TWAUDiO was presenting two systems, the PA SYS ONE, 2 x T24 + 4 x B30 subwoofers, and then, with somewhat more firepower, our second system featured 12 x VERA10, 4 x L24 low-mid extenders, 4 x B30 and 2 x BSX big subwoofer extensions. Everything powered by Powersoft K3DSP amps and steered with ARMONIA of course. The trade experts visiting the exhibition were visibly taken with the performance of the TWAUDiO systems and the presentation by our partners, Hesed Indonesia International.

To finish the exhibition, visitors were treated to an open-air concert by AKON.