Asia Tour Part 3 | Tokyo

First there was the Inter BEE exhibition from 16th to 18th November, where we were especially looking forward to presenting the new C15 monitor. After being demonstrated by our distributor, Graphica, and given a thorough testing by the trade experts, it passed its premiere in Japan with flying colours!

Then, after a restful weekend near Mount Fuji, we were introduced to Tokyo’s club and sushi scene. One of Tokyo’s smallest but hippest underground clubs is EN-SOF, which, equipped with 2 x M12, 2 x M8, 2 x M6 and 2 x B15 subwoofers, has a quite special charm all of its own.

Next day, the TWAUDiO workshop in Tokyo‘s Theater 1010 required active participation by the people taking part. Once the systems had been set up, the VERA SYS ONE line array system was adjusted to the ambient acoustics to optimum effect using Smaart v.7 to make the listening test that followed a really enjoyable experience for all who took part.

With the slogan "Fashion meets Confection", the TOKYO SWEETS COLLECTION rounded things off. This is a show that offers a unique combination of fashion design and high-end desserts, framed with classic sounds provided by 12 x VERA10, 4 x L24, 8 x B30: a veritable feast for the eyes, palate and ears.