VERA36 ordered for Korean market

German sound reinforcement specialist TW Audio has announced that the recent KoSound exhibition in Seoul, Korea, saw it take orders for more than 200 pieces of its new flagship VERA36 line array alongside the S33 subwoofer. The order followed the system’s debut in Korea in conjunction with the manufacturer’s exclusive distributor Star Networks.

Two companies – Tri Star Audio and Monkey Sound – are reported to have participated in the order, while TW Audio managing director Bernhard Wuestner has commented that the deal represents both ‘rental companies and big ongoing installation projects’ adopting the VERA36 system.

Each Vera 36 line array element comprises two 10-inch and two 8-inch woofers plus two 1.4-inch LF sections, while the accompanying cardioid S33 subwoofer boasts an 18-inch at the front and a 15-inch chassis at its rear.

‘To be honest we were very surprised,’ enthused Mr Wuestner. ‘It’s amazing and of course we are more than pleased. It shows us how important the Korean market is and that you have to understand the requirements of the Korean people – they have very high expectations of sound quality. It’s a trend globally to produce smaller and smaller speakers, lighter and easier to set-up, and that’s the key for the future. I think we’re going the right way.’