Celebrating Himmelfahrtfestival in the MHP Arena

The 16th Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day) Festival took place in the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg on May 26th 2016, Germany’s biggest christian mainstream festival with big name artists from the Christian Contemporary Music scene (CCM). One of them being Tobymac, who already captivated his fans back in 2011. With Crowder the US lineup was complete. Heating up the audience beforehand were Trinity from the Netherlands and German bands Outbreakband, Good Weather Forecast and Lea LaDoux.

Setup already started in the early hours of that morning for the team of PML Veranstaltungstechnik, at 5am to be precise, as the scheduled opening time of the venue was set for 5pm.
The main PA consisted of 12 x VERA36 per side, supported by 12 x S33 deployed as end-fired sub array in front of the stage. 2 x T24N were separately flown by the side of the stage as an outfill and 2 x S33 and 2 x VERA36 per side as sidefill. 2 x B18 with C15 were used as drumfills and 10 x C15 made up the monitoring system. A Total of 14 x Lab.gruppen were amplifying the entire system. Using Smaart v.7 and Lake software the system was rapidly tuned and aligned.

“We were really under extreme time pressure considering all the bands wanting to do a proper soundcheck. But thanks to the unique 3-point-rigging system of VERA36 we were able to rig the system very easily and quickly. With the number of speakers we deployed, the required SPL was easily matched and the sound engineers were very happy with extensive headroom which delivered all the dynamics.”