Be’er Sheva Turner Stadium in Israel equipped with TWAUDiO T24N

After a construction time of three years the Be'er Sheva Turner Stadium has been completed in July 2015. Responsible for the sound installation was TWAUDiO distributor Pro Touch offering profound knowledge in the installation business thus being able to support their customers with this valued know-how.

Kfir Avni Been Abaef was appointed to head the operation. “The aim of the audio installation was to achieve a consistent SPL of 105 db with an intelligibility of top quality. With a 3D EASE simulation we determined the required coverage and max SPL concluding that the T24N is the right product to fulfill the requirements. Apart from the high SPL another contributing factor was the weight of the loudspeaker with a mere 33 kg”, explains Kfir Avni Been Abaef.

The 32 x T24Ns 90 degree version have been equally distributed on 16 points throughout the stadium. In order to shorten the cable routes one amplifier rack has been installed above each of the four tribunes. The T24Ns are being powered by Lab.Gruppen amps of the PLM+ series. The PLMs offer numerous redundant signal inputs for operational safety and to avoid any failure during operation. An optical double fibre ring distributes the signals through the DANTE network to the four amplifier racks.

"After the installation and the final measurements we had reached a SPL of 107 db with a perfect constant coverage.
These 32 T24N are enough to provide excellent performance for nearly 17 000 visitors.
Our customer is very happy with the final result and the decision of having chosen TWAUDiO components for the installation”, concludes Kfir Avni Been Abaef.