South Korea’s Bundang Woori Church builds a home with TWAUDiO

Founded 12 years ago in Seongnam, South Korea, Bundang Woori Church originally brought its congregants together to worship in a high school auditorium. Now the church has established its own building within the Bundang-gu district of the city, complete with a high-end audio-visual infrastructure based on an impressive TW AUDiO sound reinforcement system.

An acoustically well designed hall that can accommodate several thousand worshippers at any one time, the new sanctuary of Bundang Woori Church boasts bench-style seating on its ground floor plus a single rear balcony, underneath which a dedicated mixing position is located. All eyes, however, remain on the proscenium style stage, where services are supported by a large projector screen positioned above the main lectern.

Ensuring that services sound as good as they look, meanwhile, is a comprehensive TW AUDiO solution based on VERA36 line arrays, supplied by Seoul-based TW AUDiO representative Star Networks.

Two hangs of VERA36 are positioned to the left and right of the stage, with five enclosures per side ensuring optimal audience coverage. Low-end support comes courtesy of four S33 subwoofers, while the rear balcony is served by three distributed T24N enclosures. Completing the system is an onstage monitoring system of four C15 wedges and four C12 enclosures.