Successful demo day in Vietnam

More than 150 invitees representing rental companies, television broadcast and production companies as well as audio traders, sound engineers, disco and club managers, were greeted with a welcome drink upon their arrival by stylish hostesses in traditional dress.

In his opening speech, Trinh Ba Huy, managing director of Filmstar Co. Ltd. - d2d, introduced the guests to the TW AUDiO products and later demonstrated the various loudspeakers and systems together with TW AUDiO’s Asian technical support, Augustine Edward.

The demo area itself was set up on the square outside a cultural centre, protected by a tent roof. The loudspeakers demonstrated were the C5 in combination with B10, the inconspicuous M6, the M8 with B15 making up the multifunctional M-SYS-TWO, M10 and B18 combined turning into the energetic PA-SYS-CLUB. The particularly multifunctional M15 was paired with the B30. And last but not least the coaxially constructed two way loudspeakers C12 and C15. All systems and loudspeakers were powered by Powersoft K3DSP amplifiers.

A big stage was built across the square and Vietnamese rock band Little Wings and a Jazz Trio was hired especially for this occasion to showcase the larger systems. The bands took it in turns to play, depicting different genres of music. First up to be demonstrated were 2 x T24N, flown on each side of the stage. After that they moved up to the bigger VERA36 with six elements per side. In front of the stage the bass foundation was placed consisting of 4 x BSX and 12 x S33. Serving on stage as monitors were 6 x C15.

“We wanted to show the diversity of the TW AUDiO speaker systems and it became clear to everyone that the systems of TW AUDiO are absolutely capable of covering all kinds of music and speech with clarity and superb intelligibility”, explains Mr. Trinh. “It was a very good event and we were able to introduce TW AUDiO to a lot of audio specialists in Vietnam. The customers understood, that TW AUDiO systems are suitable for numerous applications, from smaller clubs to big scale live shows and installations.” concludes Mr. Trinh.

A finger food buffet was laid out after the demo giving the guests the opportunity to exchange their thoughts on the day in a relaxed atmosphere.

It was a very successful demo day for Trinh Ba Huy and his team from Filmstar Co. Ltd. - d2d and we congratulate all of them on this great day.