Demo Day in Poland

On 25th of March 2015 TWAUDiO distributor M. Ostrowski organised an excellent demo day filled with a lot of activities.

After a short introduction to the M. Ostrowski company, managing director Bernhard Wüstner brought the guests closer to the TWAUDiO history, the milestones and what the future is about to bring. Then Michal Poplawski, head of support, presented the vertical array theory including the VERA10 and VERA36 design concepts. After a short coffee break, the first listening session started. All systems up to VERA-SYS-TWO were presented in the show room by Kajetan Krztoń who is the representative for TWAUDiO in Poland.

However, the most interesting part was yet to come – an outdoor lounge was prepared for everyone to try out the C-series stage monitors. Then everybody moved to the outdoor stage area with T24N, VERA10 and VERA36 systems supported by B18, VERAS33 and BSX subwoofers. All powered by Lab.Guppen PLM+ and Powersoft K3DSP.

The second listening session was opened by Pawel Slomka, employed by M. Ostrowski, who gave a performance on the piano through the T24N system.

With approximately 120 meters of field available the “Przeciwciala” band performed a few songs on each system. C-series monitors were set up to support the musicians, B15P and M15 were used as drum-fill. Remix1’s crew did a great job mixing for the guests and artists on stage.

TWAUDiO would like to thank all the guests and the entire M. Ostrowski team for this superb demo day and the perfect organisation. We are already looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Fixed Installation

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