Frequency Professional’s Services in India invests in VERA36

Frequency Professional's Services, a rental company from Pune in India, has purchased TW AUDiO’s VERA36 system after having been introduced to the product range at the PALM Mumbai 2016 trade show by TW AUDiO INDIA’s Krishna Singh. The company was looking for a new system to cater for mid-range to larger events and was immediately impressed by the VERA36 system’s performance at the demo. Managing partners of Frequency Professional's Services, Vaibhav Shinde and Nitish Desai placed their order in time for the main events season of the year. The system was supplied and delivered by TWAUDiO’s Indian distributor Acoustic Arts.

Vaibhav Shinde and Nitish Desai decided to celebrate their purchase of 12 x VERA36, 8 x B30 und 4 x BSX with a demo in August. To amplify the system, the company also invested in 6 x K3DSP and 6 x K10DSP Powersoft amps. The software used to align the system was EASE Focus 3 and SMAART.

“Frequency Professional's Services have done a very good job organizing this demo day at very short notice. It was the perfect setting for the VERA36 system”, says Krishna Singh, Managing Director of TW AUDiO INDIA, who was also present.

Siddarth Chhibber, Managing Director of Acoustic Arts gladly offered his support for this event: “FPS have invited a lot of customers and the response was incredible. The interest in the system left the company with immediate bookings of the VERA36 for the season.”

“It was clear that the VERA36 system is the right choice for our purposes. And we are already looking into investing in more TW AUDiO products. We are convinced by the sound, the performance and the easy handling of the systems”, tell Vaibhav Shinde and Nitish Desai.

“It was a very nice experience having met Vaibhav and Nitish, they are very professional, knowing exactly what their customers want and meeting their expectations by providing them with high quality systems. We are looking forward to a successful business relation-ship with Frequency Professional's Services and congratulate them on their rewarding demo day”, concludes Krishna Singh.