Expo Brazil 2015 in Sao Paulo

One of the most important audio events in Latin America took place from 25-28 May 2015  - the AES Brazil Expo in São Paulo’s Expo Center Norte. Amongst the leading manufacturers TWAUDiO presented their products in association with EAS America. This year’s exhibition brought more than a thousand audio enthusiasts to the TWAUDiO stand for which we are sincerely grateful.

Along with the products displayed at the stand TWAUDiO exclusively presented their systems daily at the listening demonstration outside. Visitors heard the company’s flagship PA-SYS-ONE with BSX as add-on and the vertical array systems: VERA10 and VERA36, all powered by Powersoft KDSP series amplifiers. After the demo people left with an appreciative smile on their face.

The Audio Engineering Society who is well known for their in-depth seminars and workshops invited Pat Brown, president of Synergetic Audio Concepts (an audio training company based in Greenville, Indiana, USA) this year for a two-day workshop about line arrays. Using TWAUDiO’s VERA10 he explained how a vertical line array works. The workshop itself was split into two sessions. The first session took place indoors where the participants were able to familiarise themselves with array basics. The second and most interesting session was the outdoor presentation where Pat showed how to handle the array before and after the setup. When measuring the frequencies of each element everybody was impressed that they were all almost the same and that the six elements coupled in one array maintained a constant level and coverage over a distance of 40 meters.

TWAUDiO would like to thank all the visitors who came to the show and we are already looking forward to the next AES Expo in 2016.