Hard Rock Café Seoul and Busan install TWAUDiO

One, the Hard Rock Café in Korea’s capitol Seoul is placed within the new Lotte World Mall, boasting a panoramic view over the city and its bustling streets. The Mall lies at the feet of the Lotte World Tower. Upon completion the 555 meter high tower will be the tallest in Korea.

The other, the Hard Rock Café in Busan, is situated just a few blocks away from the city’s well-known beaches. The menus feature Korean inspired dishes and authentic American cuisine. The guests are surrounded by the usual signature selection of music memorabilia from the greatest rock legends to the hottest new stars. Music history collectables and Hard Rock Café merchandise can be found in the included Rock Shop.

To ensure a high-end sound quality, Korean system integrator Star Systems chose TWAUDiO loudspeakers for the installations. In Seoul the installation consists of
4 x B18, 4 x M12, 2 x C12, 6 x M8 and for amplification 4 x Powersoft K3DSP plus
1 x Lab.Gruppen. In Busan there are 4 x T24N, 4 x B15, 6 x C12, powered by
5 x Lab.Gruppen.