High End club installations @ Marquardts in Stuttgart

The Marquardts, a new top location for clubbing right in the heart of Stuttgart, the Schlossplatz, fulfills all the requirements for party animals and dancing queens alike for unforgettable party nights. On the 23rd of December 2015 the opening celebration took place for invited guests only.

On three dance floors, which are spread over 1300 square meters, DJs are playing R&B and Hip Hop, Electric Dance Music (EDM) and Retro.

Lorenz Grohe, better known as DJ Explorenz, already had the pleasure to work with TWAUDiO systems in the past, for example on the Sierra Partyfloß. “I found the TWAUDiO systems are really depicting every detail important for the challenging EDM mixes, no matter if bass drops, warm synthie sounds or the hifi-like highs. Through system integrator B.I.M Body in Motion we got in touch with the manufacturer. And after some tests my father and I decided that TWAUDiO is the right product for us.”

The loudspeaker systems have been individually adapted for each dance floor. A BSX has been especially placed in the EDM floor in order to depict the for the electronic music necessary infra-sub frequencies properly. In consideration of the peculiarity of each room, the loudspeakers were exactly positioned in order to achieve the best sound quality.