Høje Bøge Festival in Svendborg, Denmark

For the fourth time running the Høje Bøge Festival took place in the stadium of SFB football club in Svendborg, the second largest harbor city of Denmark.
Opening act were Scarlet Pleasure, followed by Stine Bramsen who had already been quite successful with Danish band Alphabeat. Heating up the audience even more was Joey Moe before handing over the stage to the legendary D-A-D. Around 5 000 people were waiting impatiently to see the festivals headliner. As usual the band impressed their fans with an extraordinary stage set. This time the stage was transformed into an oversized living room, including a huge sofa that was used as a drum riser.

TWAUDiO’s Danish distributor BSA Sound were supplying the technical equipment for the event. The team around Bjørn Steen Andersen was supported by TWAUDiO’s support team from Germany. Before the event a sound concept has been prepared and with the help of the EASE Focus 3 software a simulation has been generated. The system was made up of 12 x VERA36 per side. Low frequencies were managed by the endfire technique consisting of 12 x BSX and four double stacks of S33 (8 in total). The S33 stacks were placed directly under the walkway in front of the stage in order to get a lower sub frequency level at the center of the stage which is the most critical area in every sub configuration. With the use of the Lake software and the latest Lab.gruppen PLM series the subs lines were curved easily by adding a digital delay to each single sub cabinet and the grouped subs. That way a much better and wider coverage for the outer audience zones was achieved. A PA-SYS-ONE system, consisting of 2 x T24N and 4 x B30, was used on the stage as a sidefill monitoring system. In addition to that, 2 x T24N on each side of the stage were deployed as out and infills and 4 x M12 functioning as nearfield frontfills. In the end, this entire sophisticated system has been aligned and tuned with the latest Smaart v.8 software.

“ We already used a TWAUDiO system at last years’s Høje Bøge Festival. So we knew that we have a system with a very impressive sound performance”, says Bjørn. “And with an act like D-A-D we had to make sure we deliver a system that is reliable and consistent in its sound quality. Which we achieved as everybody was absolutely pleased with the clear sound.”