Fans get close to Korean Popband VIXX at special event in Seoul

Popular Korean pop band VIXX hosted their third fan meeting VIXXCHOOL STARLIGHT at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena with an audience of 9000 people.

The band treated the members of their fan club, called Starlight, to a special night, thanking them for their support in recent years. Rather than being a regular concert the show included individual performances from the band members and fewer group presentations.

Star Networks Korea was entrusted to supply the event with a more than adequate system. Seokwoo Choi, Head Technician of Star Networks explains: “A K-Pop concert has to be loud, much louder than a heavy metal concert, simply because one is up against thousands of screaming fans. We increased the number of VERA36 boxes and subwoofers so we had enough headroom to handle this challenge whilst maintaining the clarity and intelligibility.”

The main PA consisted of 42 x VERA36, 8 x BSX and 16 x VERA S33, powered by 20 x Lab.gruppen and 4 x Powersoft amplifiers. The stage itself was huge, framed by an illuminated arch which was part of the stage set. 21 x VERA36 were flown on either side, perfectly fitting into the set without obstructing the view to the stage. A set of stairs were placed in the middle of the stage, flanked by the double stack of subwoofers. As front fill C15 were put on top of the subwoofers.

“During the show, when the arch was illuminated, the loudspeakers seemed to disappear into oblivion. This was important for the director of the show. He needed to have a big system, but also one that wasn’t too obvious or massive in size,” explains Choi. “But most of all he was impressed with the sound of the system and its power. The show went down really well.”