Lock, Stock & Barrel award-winning with TWAUDiO

Trendy cities across the globe with their casual, industrial live music venues were the inspiration for Lock, Stock & Barrel, located on the 8th floor of the Grand Millenium Hotel in Dubai.

A place that has gone away from all the conventional fancy looks of the bars and lounges as they are known. One could say this is a “rough around the edges” bar, a world away from all the glitz and glamour of Dubai. The interior is expertly decorated, totally unpretentious with an impressive retro industrial cool feel. A night out here is fuss-free, thanks to its relaxed door policy and laid-back attitude. It’s a place you can really let your hair down at and enjoy a drink and a boogie.

This flagship venue has two floors, spread over more than 8 000 m² with brick walls, iron walkways and balconies giving an unobstructed view to the stage. Tables are made of wood and blackened iron, surrounded by thick leather sofas. A real eye catcher is one of the walls which is entirely covered in old hi-fi loudspeakers of all sorts.

The focus of LS&B is on live music events and live sports events for which big screens have been put up to follow the games on. There are two bars on the premises from where the guests can get their favorite drinks including a big choice of various cocktails. The food menu focuses on hearty dishes, offering southern US signature dishes and Dubai’s best English roast with proper gravy and all the trimmings.

But the guests also get to enjoy a proper sound system. One of the leading system integration companies in the UAE, PULSE ME LLC, was chosen to install the loudspeaker system. Following the companies’ success with numerous installations in the club sector in Dubai, namely in clubs as the Cash Club, Toy Room, and Chic Club and in restaurants like Asia Asia and Al Grissino, to name but a few, “Lock, Stock & Barrel” can be added to their constantly growing list of installations.

“It was so different to do the installation in LS&B compared to all the other clubs we have done so far”, explains Joe Chidiac, Managing Partner at PULSE ME LLC. “The layout of the location is very unusual for Dubai. No glamour, no plush sofas, but raw container walls, brick walls, everything very industrial, yet colorful with a cool atmosphere. So rather than having to deal with heavy fabrics and furnishings that tend to swallow any sound, we had to come to terms with a lot of reflective walls. It showed us again the importance of understanding the acoustical environment. We chose a combination of loudspeakers to suit the club’s needs, taking into consideration that there are a lot of bands playing live on a regular basis. As main PA for the live stage we used TWAUDiO’s unique T24N, one on each side. To cover the entire venue, additional 10 x M12, 2 x M10, and 8 x M8 were installed. As subwoofers we took 6 x B18, 5 x B15, and 1 x B30. The whole system is powered by 11 x Powersoft amplifiers.”

It seems the courage for such a special Retro-Club concept pays off. At a glittering event on March 30th 2016, TimeOut Magazine Dubai celebrated the Dubai Music and Nightlife Awards. The members of the jury were so impressed by the club that the Award for “Best New Nightlife Venue 2016” went to Lock, Stock & Barrel. Congratulations!

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