TWAUDiO system installed at Playboy Club in New Delhi | India

In recent years the TW AUDiO brand has seen a surge in nightclub installations across the globe, not dissimilar to a domino effect. India has taken note and followed suit with its own collection of installations, which are being led by the TW AUDiO India office run by Krishna Singh and the company’s distributor, Acoustic Arts. The latest nightclub in the region to receive the TW treatment is Playboy in the five star Samrat Hotel in the country’s capital city of New Delhi.

“Playboy being an international brand wanted a great sounding system that could cater to their functional and performance needs. Acoustic Arts was called for discussions and performed a demo for the promoters. Sidharth Chhibber and his team were involved right from the beginning when the venue was first acquired for Playboy club," said Krishna.

“The audio system needed to be capable of high SPLs for DJ sets, but needed to be flexible enough to cater for live performances on occasion. We were briefed by the owners, PB Lifestyle Limited, on the requirements for each area of the club. First on the list was the elevated stage over the bar area. This is the position both DJs and live performers inhabit to mesmerise the audience. With the stage located at the top of this triple height venue - 40ft high in total - it was imperative that the stage area was equipped with proper and powerful loudspeakers to ensure optimum sound coverage," explained Sidharth. Acoustic Arts selected the T24Ns, two per side on top of each other. The upper T24Ns are equipped with a 60° x 40° horn and the ones underneath are the 90° x 50° version. 6 x S18 single 18-inch subwoofers - three per side - as well as 2 x BSX dual 21-inch infra subwoofers, add plenty of sub sound to the system.

“The Playboy is a brand known for its flamboyant entertainment and clubbers can now experience the true Playboy experience in Delhi,” continued Sidharth. “I think the owners were looking for the ultimate sound system - as per international standards - and they had shortlisted a few brands in advance. With our presentation and demo, I think we were able to convince them that we were their best option.”

In addition to the main stage PA, Acoustic Arts also supplied and installed 2 x M8 and 2 x M10 as fills for the central area around the bar, to ensure evenly distributed sound. A further 2 x M10 are used in the VIP area - which is located on level one - and another 4 x M8 were specified for the balcony area overlooking the dancefloor.

A separate VIP area - away from the main dancefloor - has been kitted out with 4 x M10, but this time with the addition of 2 x B30 subwoofers to extend the low frequency in this area of the club. It is used primarily for exclusive VIP parties and if desired the partygoers occupying the room can play their own music, independent of the music being played in the main club.

Powersoft was chosen as the amplification partner. “All the amplifiers are controlled and monitored via Powersoft’s Armonia Pro Audio Suite software, which allowed us to optimise and commission the system easily," explained Krishna.
Sidharth summed up his thoughts on the project: “We’re delighted to have been involved in this project and extremely pleased with the results achieved. Playboy is a global brand and I’d like to thank the owners for choosing our equipment and our principals for the exceptional support they provided.”

The last word goes to owner, Gaurav Verma: “The audio set up at Playboy club in New Delhi is something that hasn’t been experienced on the clubbing circuit before. International artists such as Christina Novelli and JP Candella, to name a few, have spoken highly about the TWAUDiO system. With the audio set up installed, it brings a whole new level of experience to the clubbing circuit in India.”