VERA not dampened by record-breaking rains
for farewell concert

Bringing unparalleled energy to live shows with an enticing mix of ska and hip-hop, La Raíz is one of Spain’s most unique bands. For their momentous Valencia concert, a TW AUDiO sound system was deployed to help reinforce the band’s animated music, which certainly wasn’t tempered by uncharacteristically stormy weather.

As the band’s swansong, La Raíz’s latest concert was particularly meaningful. Performing to an audience of 18,000 people in the open-air Marina Sur, Valencia, under pounding rains made for an electric yet bittersweet atmosphere. For such an important show, SIMES Audio and Soinua were tasked with designing the sound reinforcement. Tuning the system was Soinua’s Anselmo Calleja and Jorge De La Torre, and ensuring everything went alright on the night was FOH mixer David Ferri.

The TW AUDiO system comprised 36 VERA36 line array enclosures in a left-right configuration of 18 per side and a further six VERA36 per side as delays. Six of the new VERA20 were deployed per side as out-fill arrays. Low frequency support was provided by 24 VERA S33 cardioid subwoofers, six BSX infra subs and 6 S33 subs per side at the delay positions. Four T24N loudspeakers delivered front fill and C-series monitors were deployed on the stage.

“The extreme flexibility was a big plus, as we had 120 metres to cover. Devices like the VERA36 and the S33 are very light and flexible, so it was very easy to manage in terms of weight, people power and set up. You can build longer arrays with very easy rigging. Also, the VERA36 has very good dispersion for long distance, with a clear and present sound,” enthuses Soinua’s Calleja.

And, in spite of being buffeted by the elements, VERA triumphed: “The system behaved wonderfully with the rain. It was completely free of problems.”

“Thanks a lot TW. The system provided great coverture, tonal balance and coherence for all the audience.”

Video: Adrián Rodriguez
Photos: BIKUS / Soinua / Simes