TWAUDiO goes retro in New Delhi

Teddy Boy, New Delhi’s newest bar, lounge and restaurant takes inspiration from 1950’s British subculture and the Edwardian period. Immediately obvious from the moment guests walk through the door and are greeted by the Union Jack on the wall, the old-school attire of the waiting staff and the retro style menus. Although it may feel like taking a step back in time in some ways, the venue still oozes ultra-cool modernism with its fusion food, intriguing signature cocktails and, of course, a state-of-the-art sound system.

Audiovisual sound integrator, Dipankar Grover of Sound Redefined was tasked with the job of equipping Teddy Boy with an adequate sound system that would cater to background music for casual dining as well as kicking it up a gear for a busy bar scenario, right through to a DJ playing a set to a packed out dancefloor. In order to cater for the large crowds that flock to the venue over the weekends, Dipankar – along with Krishna Singh of TW AUDiO India – opted for 2 x T24N featuring double 12-inch horns and capable of producing dynamic SPLs up to 143 dB for the main PA. The T24N’s are complimented by 4 x B30 subwoofers to enhance the high-energy space – the bar area. Elsewhere, in the seating areas, Dipankar and Krishna wanted to create more of a low energy atmosphere in which guests can chat and catch up with friends over a drink. For this section of the venue, a combination of 4 x M10 and 2 x M12 were selected. A selection of Powersoft amplifiers power the audio setup at Teddy Boy – 1 x M50Q, 1 x M14D and 2 x K3DSP.

Dipankar has plenty of praise for the TW AUDiO system: “I was actually introduced to the brand by my good friend Mr. Sunny. He told me about the system towards the end of 2013. It still is amazing how clean and transparent the sound is and the fact there is no ear fatigue is incredible. Also, the quality in mechanical engineering is hard to beat. In my opinion there really is no comparison.”

Dipankar’s concluding word on the install: “The design of the venue gave my team a foundation for how we wanted the acoustics to come across and, although it was quite a task, I am sure we delivered the best sound quality that relates well to the venue’s décor."