ArmoníaPlus Software

Everything is under control.

ArmoníaPlus Software Everything is under control.


All Powersoft amplifiers of the new Touring series X and T as well as the installation derivatives of the Canali and Mezzo series can be controlled via the ArmoníaPlus software.

The download for the current version of ArmoníaPlus can be found here.

Not only performance, reliability and sound are decisive factors for a system amplifier. For complex touring systems and extensive installations, comprehensive, clear remote control and monitoring of all amplifier channels is elementary.

With ArmoníaPlus software, you have everything under control. TWAUDiO speaker presets are already implemented in the software. They contain all DSP parameters necessary for the proper operation of our products.

Since its introduction, Powersoft remote control and diagnostics software has become an unparalleled tool for the demanding sound system engineer.

Already the Armonía Suite included a variety of features such as "LiveImpedance™" monitoring, "TruePower™" limiter and "DampingControl™", which are also applied in ArmoníaPlus.

For ArmoníaPlus, the operating concept has been redesigned. The graphical user interface offers the possibility to visualize the loudspeaker system and later assign its components to the virtual and physical amplifier channels. In this way, arbitrary groups and operating levels can be formed. Within these groups, delays and gains can be set, and any filtering can be performed using raised-cosine equalizers.

Two new synchronization modes allow flexibility in parameterization. With synchronization switched off, the user edits the project without any data exchange with the amplifiers. With synchronization switched on, all settings can be made directly on the physical amplifiers. This makes it easy to configure, control and monitor complex sound reinforcement systems with dozens of amplifier channels.

In addition, the new user interface offers several features for intuitive handling of installation systems. These include customizable app and web interfaces and flexible routing options for mono, stereo or multi-channel sources or zones.

App Download via Powersoft.com


ArmoníaPlus 2.0 Tutorial | Touring & Install Mode

ArmoníaPlus 2.0 Tutorial | Source And Dante Integration

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