AMADEUS and VERA rock the old town in Hof / Germany

For several years now, the well-known Top 40 band Radspitz and Hof Symphony Orchestra have been joining forces for a Classic Rock event that lives up in every way to the high quality demands put on it. And the demands on the sound system for the ‘AMADEUS rocks’ open air concert in the Hof Old Town were also anything ordinary.

The remit was, after all, to deliver the correct sound to a large part of the pedestrian zone in three audience sectors just under 30 m wide and more than 120 m long in total. To do that, the technical service provider LSP headed by Cenk Uzun chose TWAUDiO components.

For the main PA they used two arrays of 12 VERA10s with 16 B30 subs in a cardioid arrangement and 4 M8s as infill. This system covered the first audience area of up to ca. 50 m. For the second sector of up to ca. 85 m two more arrays of 6 VERA10s were used on forklifts.
To deliver sound to the rear area, the ‘party zone’, with standing audience from ca. 85 m to c. 120 m from the stage, two T24s were deployed, also flown on a forklift, in conjunction with two double-18” subwoofers.

The complete system was driven by a total of 12 Powersoft K3DSP amps measured with Smaart V7 and set and monitored using ethernet-based Armonia remote software.

FoH mixer Harry Tröger says, “I’ve mixed a few Amadeus rocks concerts now using the VERA10. The system always has a nice soft and direct sound with excellent resolution, very like hi-fi. For this event I wanted a cardioid subwoofer arrangement so as to have less bass on the stage and in the orchestra. That was achieved here really well. We had cleanly-defined bass pressure with depth out across the whole audience area and practically nothing on the stage.”

Cenk Uzun of LSP says, “This event has confirmed for me yet again that I picked the right product years ago. The VERA10 system has played amazingly well again here. And the support from TWAUDiO, from planning support right through to the system measurement and the personal care by Tobias Wüstner deserves the title first class.”

We say thank you - and here’s to next time!