Named for the VERtical Arrays in which these systems are used, our VERA line array solutions are transforming large-format sound reinforcement, led by the VERA10 series. The series is based on the VERA10 top, a compact line array element measuring just 50 cm (19.7″) in width yet scalable up to an array length of 18 elements.

This means that the VERA10 is arguably the most versatile component in the whole TW AUDiO range – with just two tops, a core VERA10 system can be created to deliver uncompromising high quality sound reproduction in an extremely compact format. Yet VERA10 has been designed and developed to deliver so much more.

The starting point was the desire to provide our customers with a single, flexible system that can be extended with a multitude of additional components to meet their specific requirements. Everything from gala events, touring roadshows, through to large, open-air or stadium rock concerts can be served with an investment in VERA10.

Adding low-mid energy is the VERA L24, developed to introduce new configuration possibilities for all VERA10 users.

Subwoofer options comprise the VERA S15VERA S18 and VERA S30, all of which are flyable with matching widths for easy integration into VERA10 arrays. Their dimensions, configurations and performance are identical to those of the B-series models B15, B18 and B30. The VERA S30 subs can also be flown in either horizontal or vertical orientations in separate bass columns.

The modular design of the VERA10 series offers countless possibilities for every user. Whether flown or stacked, VERA10 offers you a fully flexible solution for delivering the very best in audio reproduction for every event, from small gigs to mid-sized indoor shows and even open-air concerts.

Within the VERA10 top element itself is a single 10" loudspeaker and two 1" high frequency drivers. Our compression chamber phase plug is positioned in front of the 10" chassis while VERA10's optimised waveguide is coupled to the HF-drivers, all combining to deliver striking tonal depth with sparkling high end in 10 degree vertical dispersion.

Exchanging the mid-high horn allows the horizontal dispersion to be set to either 80 or 120 degrees.

VERA10 Enchantingly powerful.

Technical data

DriversLF: 1 × 10"
HF: 2 × 1" exit with 1.75" diaphragm
Frequency range60 – 18000 Hz (with dedicated preset)
Power capacity program / peak500 / 1000 W (bi-amp LF)
200 / 400 W (bi-amp HF)
Impedance16 Ω (bi-amp LF)
16 Ω (bi-amp HF)
Coverage (h × v)80° or 120° × 10°
Sensitivity 1 W / 1 m103 dB (bi-amp LF)
111 dB (bi-amp HF)
SPLmax / 1 m133 dB
ConnectionNL4 1± HF
NL4 2± LF
Dimensions (H × W × D)275 × 500 × 355 mm [10.83 × 19.69 × 13.98 in]
Weight16 kg [35 lbs]
FinishPolyurea coating
AccessoriesHornV10-120, CaseV10, DL10, RF300, GF10, SF10, UF10
OptionsRAL colors (Warnex texture paint)



TWERiFY NFC TAG Position Guide EN (PDF - File)
26. January 2024 - Revision 1.1


VERA10 Datasheet EN (PDF - File)
21. December 2023 - Revision 2.1
VERA10 Architect Specifications EN (ZIP - File)
20. December 2023 - Revision 2.1
VERA10 manual EN (PDF - File)
9. May 2023 - Revision 2.0
VERA10P Quick Setup Guide (PDF - File)
25. February 2019 - Revision 1.1
VERA10A Quick Setup Guide (PDF - File)
25. February 2019 - Revision 1.1
VERA SYS TWO System setup (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.1
VERA SYS ONE System setup (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.1


VERA10 DXF 2D (ZIP - File)
3. July 2023 - Revision 1
VERA10 PDF Drawings (PDF - File)
9. March 2023 - Revision 1
RF300 DXF 3D (ZIP - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.0


VERA10 (GLL - File)
30. November 2023 - Revision 2.5

Accessories VERA10

References VERA10

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