VERA-SYS-TWO is the uncomplicated beginner system for entering the world of line arrays. The VERA-SYS-TWO comprises four VERA10 modules with integrated passive crossover, ready for transport in a VERA DL10 dolly. Added to that: two VERA  S30 subs on a QDB30 dolly, cables and two SF10 frames with two distance poles.
It is a complete system to get immediately started..

The integrated switchable passive crossover deserves special attention, it allows operating the VERA10 elements on just one amplifier channel.

To use VERA10 in a large array, the crossover can simply be switched over to loss-free bi-amped operating mode, which means that the VERA-SYS-TWO can be extended at any time, using additional hired equipment for big jobs or permanently make up a VERA-SYS-ONE.

Another advantage of the passive crossover is that the high frequency level can be set at 0, -3 or -6 dB, in both passive and bi-amped modes. Making it also interesting for colleagues who need additional VERA10 elements as down fill or near fill for larger sound system solutions.
And of course the 80 degree horn can - if needed - be swapped for a 120 degree horn in seconds.



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26. January 2024 - Revision 1.1
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