Good sound is not a matter of luck at Sochi Casino

Sochi Casino epitomises glamour. With its pearly white pillars and turquoise roof, it stands beneath snowy mountain peaks in the rural Sochi locality of Estosadok. Lavish venues call for complimentary audio solutions and the casino has recently been equipped with a TW AUDiO sound system.

With gambling halls, restaurants and a theatre, Sochi Casino offers its customers an array of recreational opportunities, and TW AUDiO has proved a suitably versatile solution for handling this variety. The loudspeaker system is able to remain discreet within the casino’s deluxe interiors at the same time as providing seamless coverage throughout large rooms often bustling with people.

The sound reinforcement was designed by Stage Equipment Moscow and installed by systems integrator Musical Expert. In the ‘Velvet’ Theatre auditorium, a line array system comprised of three parts has been deployed - eight VERA36 line array enclosures in left-right configuration, four VERA10 arrays arranged centrally, two T24N loudspeakers delivering the side fill and a bass array composed of 12 B18 subwoofers is located under the stage in an arc formation. On the stage, there are eight C15 monitors, four B30 subwoofers and two M8 loudspeakers. Two T24N loudspeakers have been employed as drum fills together with two B15 subwoofers.

The choice and arrangement of devices were systematically conceived: “The customer wanted the system to be located out of sight. That is why we offered to place the B18 subwoofers under the stage. Special niches for all the 12 subwoofers were made to achieve that goal,” says Alexey Ramazov, Managing Director of Stage Equipment Moscow.

In the gambling hall are 24 C15 monitors, six VERA36 line array enclosures and - for bass control- six VERA S33 cardioid subwoofers.

“The client wanted a mobile and easy to install system with high quality sound which would satisfy the musician’s needs. For that purpose, we offered a VERA36 system as a top stacking system. This system would be easily installed on an improvised stage in the casino gambling zone.”

Explaining how the system has been received Ramazov says: “There was no argument at all about the brand choice, it had to be TW AUDiO. Such a complex project turned out perfectly and the client is 100% content, as are the guests of the casino itself.”

Photos: Sochi Casino / Dmitriy Chigarev / Neil Stoddart