The VERA-SYS-ONE is our powerful all-in-one line array system. All components are perfectly matched and scalable.

With twelve VERA10 elements, eight VERA S30 subwoofers, the corresponding dollies, two flying frames as well as with two system ampracks including complete cabling, VERA-SYS-ONE impresses at medium-sized events. Powerful sound and yet discreet in appearance. But also large-scale sound reinforcement with up to two additional VERA-SYS-ONE are feasible at any time.

Of course, the VERA-SYS-ONE is also expandable with our VERA S18 subwoofer in the same array with VERA10, depending on the requirements. Equally conceivable is the expansion with BSX for the infra sub range.

And one more thing: Don't be afraid of the line array theory and the array curving to be adjusted. With EASE Focus simulation software and the TWAUDiO plugin you can simply calculate and evaluate your sound reinforcement situation in advance.



TWERiFY NFC TAG Position Guide EN (PDF - File)
26. January 2024 - Revision 1.1


VERA SYS ONE System setup (PDF - File)
22. March 2016 - Revision 1.1
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