Bandy World Championship in Russia

On January 31st 2016, the 36th Bandy World Championship opening ceremony took place in the Volga Sports  Arena in Ulyanovsk, Russia. The championship lasted for two weeks. Bandy has its origins in England and became very popular since it first started back in 1790. Bandy is a ball game which is played on ice similar to ice hockey but the rules are similar to those in football and hockey.

More than 400 artists, sportsmen and ice skating stars took part in the ceremony which was a spectacular and colourful event. A speech was held by Sergey Morozov, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region. Also taking part in the ceremony were the Russian deputy minister of sports, Yuri Nagornikh and the president of the International  Bandy Federation, Boris Skrynnik.

 The Volga Sports Arena has a capacity of 5000 visitors and includes a 100 x 60 meter ice rink. A challenge for any sound engineer indeed. The contracting company was the Real Time Production rental company. For this project, sound designer Andrey Belousov was taken on board. His goal was to provide an acoustically high intelligibility across the spectators area.

 Mr. Belousov already had the opportunity to gather experience with TWAUDiO’s VERA10 system during an ice show held at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Thus resulting in the decision to use VERA10 again. Andrey’s precise planning and the adaption to the Arena via Smaart and ARMONIA made it possible to achieve the high sound quality.

 The entire sound system consisted of 36 x VERA10, 16 x B30 and 4 x T24N. Powered by Powersoft amplifiers.