Demo Day 2015 in Malaysia

The event was attended by over 120 guests, most of them representatives of the Malaysian audio industry as well as guests from China, India, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

It commenced at 3pm with a welcome message from TWAUDiO’s Managing Director, Bernhard Wuestner. Bernhard then proceeded to introduce the company’s M-series systems to the audience with a sound demonstration, powered by Powersoft K3DSP amps via DiGiCo SD11. Augustine Edward, TWAUDiO ASIA’s General Manager, then took to the stage to share the history and functionality of line-array systems.  The main event – the shootout at the main stage – took off with two aside T24N and four aside S33 subwoofers.

Next up was a combination of two L24 low-mid extender with six VERA10 aside, and eight S33 subs in total. Finally VERA36. 12 aside were demonstrated with 16 S33 and six BSX subwoofers. The S33s used end-fire presets while the BSX were in a cardioid set up. The main stage systems were powered by 16 units of Lab.gruppen PLM+12K44 and played through DiGiCo SD10 at a 96 kHz sampling rate.

The highlight of the day was the John Thomas Trio, one of the most exciting groups to have emerged from the Malaysian music scene in a while. The band entertained the audience with a unique mix of jazz, hip hop & electronic music through the VERA36 system.

“I was quite nervous to arrange a demo day of such a scale for the first time in Malaysia. But in the end everybody was smiling and happy, and we got very positive vibes from the audience about TWAUDiO’s sound,” said Augustine Edward.

Bernhard Wuestner concluded: “I was very pleased how the whole event turned out. It was a very good Demo Day. Many thanks to the audience from Malaysia and around Asia who showed up and to the team from TWAUDiO ASIA and all supporters.”