Hansarang Methodist Church spreads the message with TWAUDiO

A vital community hub within the Yangcheon-gu district of Seoul, Hansarang Methodist Church is renowned for its missionary work as well as its focus on youth church activities. Now its expansive sanctuary has been equipped with the best possible technology for spreading the church’s message in the shape of a comprehensive TWAUDiO sound reinforcement system.

The main sanctuary of Hansarang Methodist Church is warm and welcoming, yet some elements of the architecture create acoustic difficulties that can prove challenging during services. In particular, a series of large windows to one side of the hall creates the risk of reflections. More problematic, however, is the side balcony to the immediate right of the stage, the result of which is irregular upper and lower areas which require carefully balanced audio coverage.

TW AUDiO’s Korean partner, Star Networks, supplied the church with the ideal solution. Four T24N enclosures are flown two per side to the left and right of the stage, delivering tightly focused coverage that avoids potentially reflective areas, while two B18 subwoofers add low-end extension. To compensate for the position of the balcony, six M6 enclosures serve as under-balcony fills, and two M8 enclosures cover the upper balcony. Finally, two M6 front-fills guarantee even coverage for the foremost rows of worshippers, just as two M8s are used on stage for monitoring.