Installation in the Music Capitol Theatre in Poland

The Loudspeaker system for main hall is based on:

  • Left and right cluster, each with 3 x T24,
  • Centre cluster with 2 x T24,
  • d&b subwoofer array mounted behind T24s on the same custom-made construction (3 subs behind 3 tops), subwoofers mounted with space in between to improve low-frequency control. Subwoofers were used at the theatre before renovation.
  • Infra subwoofer (also part of existing equipment) mounted below left and right balcony
  • 14 x TWAUDiO M6 speakers surround the room for effects (6 on the ground floor, and 8 on balcony)
  • Front-fill system used with d&b E3 already part of the theatre equipment
  • Stage system monitoring built with 9 x C15, B15 + C15 for drum fill application and 4 x M15 as side fills on the stage.

In addition to the already existing system at the small stage, 6 x M8 for effect purpose were also installed around the room.

All the TWAUDiO loudspeakers are powered by PowerSoft K3DSP AESOP, on-board DSP power enables work on dedicated presets for each speaker, room-EQ and time alignment settings.

M.Ostrowski’s  Lukasz Marcinik, TWAUDiO Polish representative says: “High dynamics and clarity of sound while still maintaining a relatively compact size helped us to made a choice for TWAUDiO. In fact, the specific equipment models are chosen based on computer simulation using EASE software. This simulation made it possible to find appropriate speaker models, the best possible coverage, sound pressure level and appropriate system size for the room.”

Speaker placement, hardware solutions, and simulation results were discussed with the theatre consultant on many occasions. Line-array was not an option due to its size, spatial limitations and the theatre’s needs. Line-array would cover the stage, making it hard for the audience to see.

The theatre underwent new acoustic treatment to improve room response. With such a major investment, it is extremely important to carefully examine acoustics, and not focus solely on the equipment.

Lukasz Marciniak adds “The events held since opening have confirmed that the TWAUDiO T24 equipment is regarded highly by all listeners, artists and even the investors“