Mark Forster Open Air in Giessen

Blue summer skies and sunshine made the perfect setting for the Open Air concert of Mark Forster in Giessen, Schiffenberger Tal.

“Au Revoir”, his first catchy tune, followed by “Flash Mich” and also softer tunes as in “Kopf und Bauch”, Mark Forster delivers his songs expertedly. And when he performed his hit “Wir sind groß” from the UEFA Euro Championship, the crowd was happily dancing into the sunset.

Support act were a group of music students from Giessen who call themelves Marspol. Alternative Indie paired with Pop-Rock is their musical influence. A well fitting act to heat up the audience for Mark Forster.

Promoter Dennis Bahl of DTT Konzerte Giessen contracted PS Sound from Giessen to handle the technical side of the event. Christian Schurtakow, owner of PS Sound has been using TW AUDiO’s VERA10 already for many years and based on his expertise decided to invest in TW AUDiO’s more powerful VERA36 system, also considering the company’s current growth. It has been put to use right away for the first time at this year’s Kultursommer in Giessen.

The main PA consisted of 22 x VERA36, 16 x S33, and 6 x BSX. 4 x VERA10 have been deployed as front fill, 2 x T24 as side fill. 1 x M12 and 1 x B30 have been placed on either side of the stage as stage fill. The system was being powered by 14 x Lab.gruppen and with the use of the SMAART v.7 software the PA has been aligned beforehand. Steffen Bellinger from TW AUDiO’s customer support center Creativ Vision was at hand to assist the process. “The entire system is up and running, playing really well and will remain as it is until the next concert with Anastacia”, tells Christian Schurtakow. “Even though the system is very easy to set up, in this case it was just more cost effective to leave it as is, under surveillance of course. After having already invested in a fair amount of TW AUDiO products, the thought of getting the bigger system did not leave me. It was definitely the right decision, hence the concert with Mark Forster.”