Power Metal from Sweden: Sabaton and VERA36

On January the 16th 2015 swedish power metal band Sabaton rocked the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg. With as many as 5000 visitors the venue was sold out.

The technical realisation was taken care of by Light and Sound Consult GmbH.

20 elements of VERA 36 were used as an array. 8 elements of VERA10 as outfills and 7 elements as nearfills.

The combination of T24N and B30 has already proven to deliver an assertive sound quality for powerful stage monitoring. This was also recognized by the musicians of Sabaton.

Sabaton’s sound engineer Elvis Elfstrom was impressed by the entire system.

At first, Elvis had doubts about the size of the system for a venue like the MHP Arena: "I have to admit that I have not heard of TWAUDiO before. We did the soundcheck and all my doubts vanished and the show was a great sound experience. There was plenty of headroom and the overall performance of the system was really good."