Race Of Champions with VERA10 in Düsseldorf / Germany

The Race of Champions in the Düsseldorf Esprit Arena, with 34,000 spectators, was organised this time by Multisound using TWAUDiO systems.

The prime concern was getting the sound right in the arena, and that was done with an acoustic simulation using EASE Focus. To take account of the long echo time and so to optimise voice and music, a total of ten ground stacks each with four VERA10 line array elements and two S30 basses were used on the straights, while sound in the curves was achieved with a total of eight ground stacks each with one T24 and two S30 basses.

The whole system was driven and monitored using 24 Powersoft K3DSP AESOP amps and the associated ARMONIA software.

To achieve the highest level of audio quality possible, a 450 m long redundant CAT5 network ring was used, making it possible not only to control and monitor the Powersoft K3DSPs, but also transmitting 4 digital AES-EBU audio signals in parallel as well from the control desk to the power amplifiers.

The SmaartV7 measurement system meant that the complete TWAUDiO sound system could be optimised for the Esprit Arena and adjusted to its existing sound system for the upper rows within an extremely tight time window.