TWAUDiO sets The Stage in Dubai

As Dubai’s most exciting new Khaleeji style nightclub, Stage has caught the imagination of Emiratis across the UAE with a sophisticated after-dark experience based on state-of-the-art lighting and sound. Located in the Meydan district of the city, the recently opened venue features bold design choices including a special domed area designed to help patrons become fully immersed in the party surrounding them. Ensuring seamless coverage throughout the room, meanwhile, is a comprehensive and powerful TW AUDiO sound reinforcement solution.

Stage is the latest after-dark destination from leading local venue operator Sunset Group. In choosing to adopt a no-compromises approach to the new club’s design, Sunset once again reached out to its long-standing AV integration partner, Pulse ME, who in turn looked to TW AUDiO for the all-important audio quality.

Joe Chidiac, CEO and founder of Pulse, describes his inspiration for the club’s design as coming from a surprising place: “When I came up with this design I had the Pink Floyd: Pulse concert in mind. The Dome Area in particular was created in a way so that the people become a part of the club and its setup.” But with high concepts come high expectations, and with the Khaleeji style in particular, the emphasis is placed firmly on perfectly balanced audio reproduction throughout the venue. Pulse duly set about a four month planning phase which included weekly meetings, continuous drawings, the creation of 3D renders and countless hours of coordination to achieve a perfect result.

When it came to selecting the main speakers for the installation, six TW AUDiO T24N enclosures were chosen for their high SPL and pristine audio quality. Two of the loudspeakers are positioned above the DJ booth, augmented by a further pair acting as side-fills and two-more positioned to the rear of the room. To suit the interior décor of the venue, each T24N has also had its grille removed. Low frequency support is courtesy of three BSX subwoofers, one of which is located directly beneath the DJ booth. The remaining two are positioned at either side of the venue, beneath the outer T24N enclosures, in infra mode with coupled B18 subs.

Coverage across every seat in the house is ensured with a series of fills. In high-ceilinged areas, the T20i provides a suitably punchy performance, while M12 are deployed in tighter areas. Additional time-aligned subwoofers also make their presences felt. The result is an extremely powerful system with plenty of headroom that nevertheless lends itself to a smooth clubbing experience. All power is delivered courtesy of Powersoft X Series amplifiers.

“This project represented a lot of work for all of us at Pulse and at Sunset Group, but the amount of mutual trust that we have built over the years gave us the extra motivation and positivity to push our ideas forward,” said Chidiac. “The Sunset team always has great input to our designs which allows us to deliver projects in perfection down to the very last detail. They care about quality and good products and their main target is to give their clients the best clubbing experience. That is always great for us as audio visual and lighting engineers since it means no compromise on quality whatsoever and we are able to deliver only the best”.

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