The first practical applications of the C15

Who does not know it – that hit by the Rodgau Monotones from the 80s – "Die Hesse komme!" (‘The Hessians are coming!’). Even now it is obligatory on every German party compilation. And live, the Rodgau Monotones really have been at home on the stage since 1977 and are still something quite special.

On 18 June 2011 the Rodgau Monotones and Henning Nachtsheim were guests in Dortelweil near Bad Vilbel. They used the TWAUDiO Vera10 Line Array System in the front with 2 x 8 elements. Plus 12 B30 subwoofers as a cardioid sub-array, and two BSX subwoofers in the centre, controlled in endfire mode.  Monitoring was done with 8 M15, 2 B15 and the new TWAUDiO C15 Coax Monitor. The Rodgaus are a classic rock band, so playing at high volume on stage is a requirement. A demanding task for any monitor. This task was carried off by the C15 to rave reviews: "Extraordinary punch in the monitor mix, while maintaining fidelity." The C15 might have had a rather long development stage, but the results in live tests show that it has been worth waiting for.

We would like to thank the Rodgau Monotones and their technicians for the opportunity to test the C15 under live conditions and for a successful collaboration.

The first production series models will be available in August.