Indian Bar / Restaurant chain installs TWAUDiO in Bangalore

TW Audio is gaining a foothold in the country having established a regional office under the guidance of Krishna Singh. The manufacturer has recently installed a system into the newly-opened Bangalore branch of Glocal, a bar/restaurant gaining traction across the country. Both the previous venues, in Mumbai and Hyderabad, have also been installed with TW Audio.
"Acoustic Arts has been TW Audio’s distributor for last three years, and we wanted to build on their success while strengthening our sales and support structure in India,’ explained Mr Singh, who set up the new office in November 2015. ‘It’s going very well, and we are working together on good projects in all market segments, with many installs in progress."

TW Audio was chosen for Glocal by Shishir Rane, who designed the bar and concept. ‘I heard the speakers at a bar in Delhi and asked for them here,’ said Mr Rane, who has worked on other premium Indian venue chains including Bluefrog, Social and Playboy. ‘The sound is really sweet and customers can converse over it. We first installed it in Glocal Mumbai, which has been open for four months, and we’ve had very good feedback from our customers about the sound.’
The installation was handled by SI and live sound specialist Sound Redefined. ‘The investors demanded a system that is acoustically inconspicuous during the day, whilst carrying the party mood in the evening powerfully with an excellent sound,’ explained Dipankar Grover from Sound Redefined. ‘In the course of the day the lounge music changes into Dancefloor beats as the evening progresses and transforms the location from a casual café into a lively bar. This would only be possible if the system was able to perform at those levels despite it´s compact dimensions. And TW Audio's highly efficient speakers perform well in this scenario.’

The installed system consists of 2 x M15 full range speakers and 2 x B30 subwoofers as the main PA, together with 6 x M8 and 2 x M6 compact speakers as infill and 2 x B15 providing low frequency reinforcement. The system is powered by Powersoft M-series HDSP amplifiers with DSP.
All established branches of Glocal plan to host live music starting from September, further drawing on the flexibility of the TW Audio systems at all three venues.