TWAUDiO supports 21st Grand Finale of Great Christmas Charity Concert in Poland

Together with Polish distributor M.Ostrowski Sp.j., and the TWAUDiO team, PogoArt successfully wrapped historical market square in sound, right in the middle of Wroclaw. During the Grand Finale visitors took part in this great fundraiser, and they could all enjoy live performances of Polish pop and alternative artists.

The main objective of the sound system was to provide a clean voice on a high constant level with a great balance low and mid-range for a distance of 70m. Before the system was set up, an EASE FOCUS 2 simulation and an Armonia-file for Powersoft K3DSP had been carefully prepared.

“The clarity and speech intelligibility we could hear from VERA10 was simply clear and nothing was colorized. The level was constant for the distance we focused on; the angles between the boxes set in a logarithmic way worked out great. All FOH technicans were enjoying especially low-end definition from the BSX (2 x 21”) subwoofers. These subwoofers are very controlled despite the size of the speaker. And the output of the cardio setup was very impressive. We are all looking forward to working with TWAUDiO’s easy-to-setup system again", said Wojciech "Siemion" Igielski  from PogoArt.