VERA10 covers Dilli Haat Janakpuri auditorium in New Delhi

DILLI HAAT is a paid entrance open-air food plaza and craft bazar located in Delhi that transports its visitors to the magical world of Indian arts and heritage. An ambitious project, set up jointly by Delhi Tourism and NDMC, D.C. & D.C., Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India & Ministry of Tourism, aiming to provide encouragement to the artists from all over the country in order to sustain and preserve the rich heritage of India.

Different and appealing, the complex is located in one of the most important commercial centers of South Delhi. The land on which this sprawling complex is situated was salvaged as part of a reclamation project and transformed into a magnificent dream plaza.
Not only is it artistic, but also recreational in nature, there are stalls dishing out sumptuous delicacies from different regions, an exhibition hall and an auditorium for cultural programs.

For the latter, a TW AUDiO system of six Vera10 elements and one S30 subwoofer per side has been installed. The solution was carried out by IND-AGIV Commerce Limited, having won the contract via a government tender issued by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC).

‘It was IND-AGIV’s first time using TW AUDiO,’ said Krishna Singh, general manager of TW AUDiO INDIA. ‘Narinder Singh, IND-AGIV’s regional sales and technical head for North India had attended a few demos and experienced the brand at a few venues prior to this.’
For the 800-seat auditorium the install comprised of a Vera10 system and one S30 sub which are powered by four Powersoft K3DSP amplifiers and provide sufficient coverage for the entire venue. ‘The auditorium was completed before the tender for the sound system was awarded,’ recalled Manmohan Kakkar, IND-AGIV’s project engineer for Dilli Haat Janakpuri. ‘This made the cabling a slight challenge. Everything else went smoothly once that was sorted out. TWAUDiO’s rigging frame and accessories made it easy to mount the speakers.’
The client is more than happy with IND-AGIV’s work, with a DTTDC representative commenting: ‘We are quite happy with the TWAUDiO system installed at Dilli Haat Janakpuri auditorium.’